Bank A India Indonesia Auction Engineering, Allegedly Carried Out Collectively, Collegially And Without Restructuring

Jakarta, Porosinformatif – As many as 3 witnesses from the bank which was previously named Bank Swadesi was presented by the Public Prosecutor (JPU) in the continuation of the trial of alleged banking crime with defendant Ningsih Suciati, Former Managing Director of Bank of India Indonesia (BOII).

The trial was held again at the Central Jakarta District Court, Monday (6/15/2020). The three witnesses, Jamrozi, Head of the Credit Department, Sinbad R. Hardjodipuro, Managing Director, and Iwan Yuda Pramudhi, Compliance Director.

In his statement, Jamrozi claimed to know the defendant Ningsih Suciati who attended the trial virtually.

“There was a book eraser in the balance sheet, but made another bookkeeping to be able to keep collecting debtors, namely PT Ratu Kharisma (RK). There were SOPs that were violated,” said Jamrozi before the Panel of Judges led by M. Sainal.

Sinbad R. Hardjodipuro, BOII’s Managing Director, gave a written statement about the elimination of the book.

“After the auction in the checking account showed 0 there was no debt, but in the FSA there was a bill of Rp. 5 billion and a bill of Rp. 8 billion appeared,” Sinbad said.

He also sent a summons letter related to the bill to the debtor which was supposed to be every 3 weeks, but it was done every 10 days.

“Then it was not restructured, related to the auction as if we had bargained for assets, even though the one who offered the third party was named Mr Toto Kusdinar from PT. Scholar,” he said.

“It is not according to SOP, because SOP can change,” Sinbad continued when the Panel of Judges asked about the SOP in the bank he led.

On that occasion, he said all auction decisions were collegial collective actions, namely the Credit Committee and the Directors. Sinbad also admitted to knowing the defendant who is currently in prison for a criminal offense at Bank Yudha Bhakti.

Meanwhile, the testimony of witness Iwan Yuda Pramudhi, as Director of Compliance was not much different from the two witnesses. He also admitted that the debtor’s book was written off in the balance sheet and other bills appeared.

“Cheap auctions use internal bank appraisals, without thinking of the negative consequences to the debtor and even still collect more,” he said.

In line with Sinbad’s statement, Iwan also said the same thing. He stated that there were SOPs that were violated, there were summons letters to debtors every 10 days which should be every 3 weeks and said they could not be restructured.

“Not yet collectable 5, the credit has been terminated and an auction has been conducted. Auction without appraisal,” said Iwan.

Allegedly lying

After the hearing, victim witness Khisor said the Bank of India Indonesia felt impunity and suspected Sinbad gave a false statement, because he said he did not know about the case.

“He who gave power in 2018 to collect another Rp 8.1 billion, including reporting to the Police and he had invited me to meet in 2016 at Apartment Ambasador to discuss the auction case,” said the Managing Director of PT RK.

“Based on the testimonies of the three witnesses, it is further strengthened that the defendant is not alone, please conclude yourself the collegial meaning of collegial and without restructuring, as well as the cheap auction without diapraisal and still charging again,” added Khisore.

Meanwhile, the three witnesses refused to be reconfirmed over the information submitted in the trial. They immediately rushed to avoid reporters covering the proceedings.

In this case, the defendant Ningsih is a recidivist of banking criminal acts who have again been entangled in a similar case. In addition to Ningsih, 20 other suspects suspected of having fabricated a tender for PT RK’s collateral credit have also been named as suspects by the Dirtipideksus Bareskrim Polri.

Editor : Totok Waluyo
Reportase : Ginting