Police Determine 21 Suspected Owners And Directors Of Bank Of India Indonesia


Jakarta, Porosinformatif – An alleged conspiracy has been carried out by owners, directors, employees or bankers at Swadesi Bank, which has now changed its name to PT Bank Of India Indonesia (BOII). As a result of the actions allegedly harming the reporting witness/victim Rita Kishore Kumar Pridhnani, as many as 20 people, ranging from former chief directors, directors, commissioners and former PT BOII credit officials, have been named as suspects by Dit Tipideksus Bareskrim Police Headquarters.

This was known from the Notification of the Investigation Progress Letter (SP2HP) of the Indonesian Police Criminal Investigation Agency Dit Tipideksus on May 15, 2020, which was signed by the Head of Banking Subdivision at the Director of Typidexus, Kombes Helfi Assegaf, S.H.,S.IK.

Information obtained at the Indonesian Police Criminal Investigation Agency on Thursday (5/28/20) stated that the Police Report Number LP/233/VI/2011/Bali/Dit Criminal Investigation dated June 25, 2011 had “given birth” to 21 suspects. Even the case file in the name of the suspect Ningsih Suciati has been declared P21 and was conducted in phase II on 30 April 2020.

That means just waiting for the appointment of the panel of judges who handle then made the determination of the trial schedule in the district court where the case occurred or in the locus delicti of the banking case.

Helfi Assegaf, S.H.,SIK who tried to confirm the names of the bankers involved in the loan collateral auction case had not been successful. But the information obtained, clearly stated their names. It is also in accordance with the suspect’s Decree No. S.Tap/32/V/Res/2.2/2020/Dit Typideksus dated May 11, 2020 regarding the notification of the determination of the suspect.

Each of them on behalf of 1. Prima Sura Pandu Dwipanata (former AO/Compliance Director of Bank Swadesi/BOII), 2. Sri Budiarti (former Head of Legal Affairs), 3. Ny Lisawati (former Managing Director), 4. Prakas R Chugani (former commissioner / owner of Bank Swadesi), 5. Mrs. Olga Istandia (former commissioner), 6. Mrs. Aminah (former Head of credit unit), 7. Wikan Aryono (former Director of Operations), 8.PK Bhiswas (former Wadirut), 9. LG Rompas (former commissioner), 10. Gopal Krisna (former Kaunit Corporate Credit), 11. Anil Bala (former Wadirut), 12. Rakesh Sinha (former Managing Director), 13. Lim Wardiman (former Director), 14. Banavar Anantharamajah (former Komut), 15. Muhamad Yunan HE (former AO), 16. Gatot Setiabudi (former PJS leadership of the KPO), 17. Sunardi (former Credit Admin), 18. Sis Douantoro (former Credit Analyst), 19. Siswantoro (former Kagrup Marketing ), 20. Feri Koswara (former KPO leader or operational director of Bank Swadesi / BOII) and 21. Ningsih Suciati, S.E.

The suspects, when trying to be asked to respond to their legal status as suspects related to banking cases, have not been successful.

Initially, the Police Report Number LP/233/VI/2011/ Bali/Directorate of Criminal Investigation on June 25, 2011, was handled by Bali Police investigators. But then the handling of the Police Headquarters was taken over as in the Bali Police Chief Letter Number: B / 6027 / VII / Res.2.5. / 2018 / Ditreskrimsus dated 20 July 2018 regarding the delegation of Police Report Number: LP / 233 / VI / 2011 / Bali / Dit. Criminal Investigation on June 25, 2011.

This quite shocking case in the banking world occurred when PT Ratu Kharisma owned by Rita Kishore Kumar Pridhnani applied for a loan from Bank Swadesi, now renamed Bank of India Indonesia (BOII) of Rp 6 billion and added to Rp 4.5 billion with a collateral of seven assets villa in Bali worth Rp 12 billion.

However, the credit collapsed due to PT Ratu Kharisma suffered losses when transacting with a travel agent from South Korea to request an additional credit of Rp 3.5 billion. PT Ratu Kharisma’s request to add a credit of Rp 3.5 billion was denied by creditors despite the villa’s actual appraisal assets of Rp 15 billion.

Problems arise when BOII forces the auction of villa collateral objects. In fact, the auction value of Rp 6.3 billion is far below the price of mortgages let alone market prices. As a result, Rita Kishore’s debt continues to be billed and billed until finally it continues to report to the Bali Regional Police.

Editor : Totok Waluyo
Reportase : Ginting