One Family Participates in Bank of India Indonesia Auction, Uncle And Nephew Allegedly Flirt


Jakarta, Porosinformatif – The intriguing fact occurred during the trial of a suspected banking crime with defendant Ningsih Suciati at the Central Jakarta District Court, Thursday (6/25/2020).

In front of the Panel of Judges led by M. Sainal, witness Budi Santoso who was presented by the Public Prosecutor admitted that he had forgotten the auction price of Villa Kozy, collateral of PT Ratu Kharisma (RK) at the Bank of India Indonesia (BOII).

“I forgot the judge, because it’s been a long time,” Budi Santoso said when answering the judge’s question.

“If I’m not mistaken about around Rp 6 billion, Rp 300 million,” continued Budi Santoso, who claimed to have participated in the auction and deposited Rp 2 billion.

According to him, based on information obtained if he wanted to profit in the auction, because Villa Kozy was repeatedly auctioned but did not know why it never happened, and he just took part in the 5th auction in February 2011.

Judge Sainal again asked Budi Santoso, who learned about the auction from the media and a friend named Sugianto. However, when asked what the media was, again he claimed to forget. “The auction winner is Njo Hendry Saputra, the power of my nephew Sugianto Raharjo worth IDR 6.3 billion,” Budi said.

After the auction, he explained, a sale and purchase with his niece and get credit from BII (now May Bank) worth Rp 35 billion. “The Rp 35 billion credit is combined with the DPRD Building, not just Villa Kozy,” he explained.

Budi Santoso claimed to rush into the auction because he did not know if the Villa was still a case or lawsuit.

However, when the Panel of Judges asked about the value of Villa Kozy’s special value, the witness was again confused. He also admitted that currently Villa Kozy had been pledged to a foreign bank. “What foreign bank, is it not named?” asked Judge Sainal.

“UOB Bank Mr. Judge,” answered Budi, who had been named a suspect by the Jakarta Metropolitan Police regarding cases of alleged fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement.

Only Helps the Bank

After the trial, Budi Santoso also admitted to the media crew that he forgot about the auction process. “Enough is enough, I’m only limited to that, there is no connection, I only help the bank, just once, never participated, forget me, it’s been a long time,” said Budi who immediately hurriedly left the reporters.

Rita’s Legal Counsel, Tommy S. Bhail, when confirmed said that it was increasingly clear that allegations of an auction of Villa Kozy collateral had seriously harmed his client.

“I do not comment on what happened at the trial, only wanted to express an opinion based on the evidence from my client, which turned out to be witnesses’ testimony absolutely incompatible with the evidence of our client,” said Tommy accompanied by his partner Herman Ginting.

According to him, irregularities seen in the auction history. It turned out that Njo Hendry’s wife named Cindy Pavita and her son who was still a student of Eka Saputra took part in the auction.

“One family took part in the auction, his nephew was a witness who told him, please conclude yourself, anyone would certainly be suspicious if his uncle and nephew were suspected of flirting in the auction,” said Tommy.

“The value of Rp35 billion is purely Villa Kozy’s guarantee, in the book of Mortgage Rights clearly Rp35 billion. That is the right he wants to say if the Rp35 billion is combined with the DPRD building or something,” continued the senior Advocate.

In addition, according to Tommy, there are several things that need to be observed. Bidders only participated once, and it was suspected that auction 1, 2, 3 and 4 never happened.

“There is no bargaining, there is no limit, and there is a very significant price reduction, obviously they do not know and have never participated. I agree with our clients that if the collateral value is Rp50 billion, because before Covid-19 the value of property in the Seminyak Bali area was very high,”concluded Tommy.

Meanwhile, Attorney Defendant Ningsih Suciati, Fransisca Romana said that witness Budi Santoso was a buyer of the auction participant, and the bank did not participate in the auction process, therefore the authority of the Office of State Assets and Auction Services (KPKNL). He also stressed, there was no engineering let alone the mafia.

“Understandably it’s already old, just look, maybe most of the money,” said Fransisca when responding to Budi Santoso who forgot the auction price.

Editor : Totok Waluyo
Reportase : Ginting