Wow, Villa Kozy Appraisal at Maybank Is Rp. 38.3 Billion, but Auctioned by Bank of India Indonesia Only for Rp. 6.3 Billion

Jakarta, Porosinformatif – The Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) again presented a witness in a follow-up case of a suspected banking crime with defendant former Director of Bank of India Indonesia (BOII) Ningsih Suciati at the Central Jakarta District Court, Wednesday (1/7/2020).

The witness is Berry, from Maybank as the creditor of PT. Aja Makmur Sentosa, Budi Santoso’s company with collateral for Villa Kozy in Seminyak Bali, which was auctioned by Bank Swadesi (BOII) worth IDR 6.3 billion.

In his statement, Berry said that the company provided a credit facility in September 2013 worth Rp25 billion with a term of 8 years.

“The guarantee is only Villa Kozy, nothing else, Judge,” Berry said before the Panel of Judges led by M. Sainal with judge members IG Eko Purwanto and Kadarisman.

He said, the appraisal value of the bank that used to be called BII towards the Villa was Rp. 38 billion, 350 million.

“Paid in 2 years on April 8, 2015, not at Maybank anymore, the certificate is in the name of Mr. Budi Santoso,” said Berry, who was then serving as Account Officer (AO).

Berry explained, the credit was proposed by Budi Santoso after being analyzed by the credit manager, after which it was decided by the credit committee collectively. According to him, credit is given based on an analysis of business development, however, his party does not know if there is a problem.

“Mr. Budi Santoso paid off using his own funds,” he said.

In the trial, the prosecutor also showed certificates and mortgages of Rp35 billion and were recognized by witnesses.

“At the time the certificate credit had not yet been renamed, only AJB still used the name Sugiarto Raharjo. A survey and verification was carried out by Maybank’s internal in Bali, that the appraisal was feasible,” Berry said.

At the end of the trial, the prosecutor said that he would present 4 to 5 witnesses, including expert witnesses.

Defendant Ningsih’s Attorney, Fransiska Romana plans to present 1 witness and 1 expert witness.

“Please read Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) No.93 of 2010, which determines the auction is KPKNL, so there is no legal relationship with the bank,” said Fransisca, when confirmed after the hearing.

Meanwhile, Berry refused to confirm, he immediately rushed away from the media crew.

Editor : Totok Waluyo
Reportase : Ginting