Company name defamed through social media, a foreigner is being reported

Editor : Totok Waluyo

Badung, Porosinformatif – Starting with a misunderstanding between a foreigner and BVR Property based in the North Kuta area regarding the destruction/vandalism of wall mural art.

Rahayu Patalina, HR and Legal for BVR Group Asia explained, a few days ago when our staff was painting a wall that is under the rights of BVR, where an existing wall art mural exists we have run into a very unfortunate situation.

“At the time of our staff painting our wall, the foreigner approached our staff and got angry because he felt that his mural art was being covered up,” said Dayu, as she is usually called, Tuesday (16/2).

Everyone thought that the incident just ended there, but Dayu further said, it turned out that the problem continued to extreme abuse on social media by the foreigner and his social media followers.

“The foreigner tagged our logo and accused the company of vandalizing his wall art. This is where the problem gets bigger, it’s not just one foreigner, there were many foreigners who seem to belong to the community on Facebook that attacked our company,” explained Dayu.

“Currently they are still intensely attacking our company,” she added.

In line with what Dayu said, Dian Desiana, Managing Director of BVR Group Asia, felt sad about the events that occurred, especially during this pandemic.

The company, which is built on dedication, discipline and integrity, is said to have committed vandalism by someone who is not the owner or the tenant of the wall and has clearly been vandalizing our logo and wall.

So the foreigner says we vandalized his art while In fact, the foreigner was the one who vandalized our logo illegally and made Bali dirty by saying dirty words on our wall, which he himself did not know the truth about.

In fact, according to Dian, BVR has plans to create the “Black Wall Movement” program which focuses on the true Bali and the talented artists that live on the Island of Bali.

“What is the Black Wall Movement ? Our plan is to be in line with the tagline for Bali tourism with the hashtag Bali Kembali,” she explained.

Through this program BVR would like to invite several Balinese artists to return to our wall and channel their creations on our wall.

“We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us. Especially in the world of tourism, so of course it has an impact on Bali and all its citizens including the Balinese artists whose work is extraordinary. They are not inferior to other nations and we want this to be the work of skilled local artists in Bali,” said Dian.

She explained that with this program, we wanted to “move on” from the pandemic and ignite our enthusiasm to welcome #BALIKEMBALI

But unfortunately it appears some foreigners are unhappy with this movement.

There may be misunderstandings that have become disappointing but for us as a company this is a very detrimental position for us at this time, because we fell as if we are being accused of destroying wall art that was there earlier without proper permission. Even though this is much bigger,” she explained with enthusiasm, but before we had a chance to explain the movement, the movement was damaged by actions that were not respecting the local artists and it has had a negative impact on the whole idea.

“This is what we want to straighten out,” she stated.

Dian’s emotions got even higher, because she didn’t deserve the bullying she received. Instead of good communication and apologies, the foreigner continued the bullying that was shared on other social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Instagram Story and our website.

The foreigner claims on social media that we have polluted Bali. In fact it has been his defamatory words painted on our wall and logo that have polluted Bali and the image of Bali

However, Dian felt that what her company did was something that did not violate the law as of December 1, 2020 the wall was rented and paid for in full to the building owner.

“We waited until February to start painting on our wall which is enough time for anyone that many object,” stated Dian.

We have now turned the entire situation over to our legal and they are currently pursuing legal action to ensure this sets a precedence to those feeling all walls are available for wall art without the appropriate approvals.

Meanwhile, H. M. P. Andreas Nainggolan, S.H, as the Legal Counsel for BVR Group Asia, reminded those who did not like or disagree with what BVR Property is doing, to contact him with any complaints with communication with him at this office.

Because according to Andreas, what BVR did was legal, it has been proven by a binding contract.

“We have carried out public inquiries to the Regional Police regarding the allegation of defamation that has harmed the company,” he said. (*)