ANNOUNCEMENT AND IMPORTANT APPEAL, ON Plan of Sale of Share of Bank of India Indonesia

In liaison with the information published in Bisnis.Com Media on August 16, 2021 stated based on announcement in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) on Monday, August 16, 20021 that the Major Shareholders of PT. BANK OF INDIA INDONESIA (known as BOII) formerly PT. BANK SWADESI Tbk JAKARTA will convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPSLB) that will be held on September 7, 2021 with the agenda First (1st) Divest of the all Shares of PT. BANK OF INDIA (BOI) of 76% in the company and the Second (2nd) is Change of Composition of members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of PT. BOII, and that matter has been expressly stated and accepted by PT. BOII’s Operational Director, Ferry Koswara.

Based on  legal fact of the Police Report No: LP/233/vi/2011/Bali/Dit Resktrim dated June 25, 2011 in connection with Cassation Judgment of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1935/K/PID.SUS/2021 in connection with the Second Reprimand letter of the Director of Economic and Special Criminal Act at the Criminal Investigation Division of Indonesian National Police Jakarta Cq Head of Sub-Directorate of Banking No. B/140/V/RES.2.2/2020/Dittipideksus dated May 12, 2020 declared has identified 20 (twenty) Suspects in connection with the Report and/or Information No. I/08/2021 dated August 20, 2021 at the Central Financial Service Authority Jakarta, in alleged “CORPORATION CRIMINAL ACT”  and/or “MONEY LAUNDERING  CRIMINAL ACT” and/or “ BANKING CRIMINAL ACT” and/or Criminal Act in “CUSTOMER PROTECTION””, that reasonably alleged committed by the CORPORATION Banking Financial Service PT. BANK OF INDIA INDONESIA (BOII) Tbk JAKARTA and assisted by its management that is the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Officials, Bank’s Employee and other related parties acting for and on behalf of PT. Bank of India Indonesia (BOII) Tbk, Jakarta collectively (jointly responsibility).

Therefore, we, JACOB ANTOLIS, SH, MH, MM, Advocate having registered office at ADHI SOGATA LAW OFFICE based on a Power of Attorney  dated April 9, 2021 and August 23, 2021, respectively for and on behalf of our client  in the name of RITA KISHORE KUMAR PRIDHNANI, hereby give Notification/Announcement/Appeal to the Public and/or policy/decision maker to not take any legal act both in the rights and obligations at a Corporal Institution and Ownership of Shares of PT. Bank of India Indonesia (BOII) Tbk, Jakarta among others in the form of the process of Divestment of all Shares of PT. BANK OF INDIA (BOI)  in Mumbai India in the amount of 76% in the company and/or the Process of Transfer of Share, Merger, Acquisition, take Over, Recapitulation, Insolvency and other legal acts  against corporal institution and ownership of share  which is valid legally and listed and booked on the share ownership available at the time of this announcement at Corporation PT. Bank of India Indonesia (BOII), that currently is allegedly in legal trouble for the criminal acts mentioned above and in order that the public and/or decision maker is not misled and not committing other new illegal conducts  during such legal process, and furthermore for the purpose and objective to make prevention and/or hindrances and/or blurring the current legal process being undertaken by the Relevant Authority and the Financial Service Authority  until their legal process with our client completes,  and finally, it will cause new legal case and will result in our lawsuits and legal claims, both criminal and civil claim, at present or in future.

That in case in future is found any party fails to comply with this Announcement and Appeal, our client will take legal proceedings, both civil and criminal claims.

Thus, we make this announcement and appeal for submission to be understood and complied, thank you.

Company’s Board of Directors